President's Message - March 2018

28 Mar 2018 10:05 PM | Jeremy McBryan (Administrator)

AWRA Florida’s mission is to promote the understanding of water resources issues by providing a multidisciplinary forum for information exchange.

In my view, the key word is “multidisciplinary”. The diversity of topics that AWRA Florida promotes and the breadth of knowledge of individuals that present at and attend our technical meetings is what appealed to me 15 years ago and continues to interest me today.

In my experience, solutions to complex water resources challenges (or really any problem) are successful when conceptualized and developed by a diverse team of experienced and engaged stakeholders that bring a variety of skill sets and can make connections across disciplines.

Many of the world’s most innovative and imaginative people -- Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Leonardo DaVinci, Steve Jobs -- pursued (and in many cases mastered) multiple disciplines – that is they studied biology, learned economics, played musical instruments, painted, observed the weather, wrote humorous prose and were inspired by mathematics.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s art was informed by science – to create realistic detail in his paintings – and his inventions seemed to be based on an infatuation with engineering concepts.

Steve Jobs was famous for going for walks – to connect with nature around him and other people – and those walks inspired his creativity. And his view was that successful technology must look beautiful.

Ok, so you will probably not become the next Steve Jobs by being involved with AWRA Florida – but I can promise that the environment that AWRA Florida provides is fertile with concepts and ideas that are worth learning about and people worth interacting with.

I'm looking forward to a great meeting on March 30 in Palatka at the St. Johns River Water Management District. Then we are headed to Brooksville on May 11 and will meet at the Southwest Florida Water Management District headquarters.

“If you can stand at that intersection between the arts and sciences or between beauty and engineering. That’s where you’ll be the most creative.” – Walter Isaacson

Jeremy McBryan

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